The Most Physically Gifted Prospects of the 2014 NFL Draft


In order to make it this far, NFL draft prospects have to be among an elite crop of athletes. But when it comes to physical tools, not all prospects of the 2014 NFL draft are created equal.

The NFL requires a diverse arsenal of weapons in order to thrive.

At this level, on the biggest stage, 25 prospects dreaming of NFL glory have emerged as the most physically gifted of this year’s draft class.

Rating physical gifts requires much more than a fast 40 time. It requires quickness, agility and speed in all directions relative to body weight. Strength and explosion are also factored into the overall score.

Height, arm length and hand size are also factored in as well…

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Scouting NFL Prospects

Breaking down talent in football is a messy business. Even the best and the brightest on draft day have a high rate of failure when it comes to predicting how a prospect’s skills will translate to the NFL.

What follows is my attempt to share with you how an average Joe like myself, who nobody expected much from at any level of the sport, was somehow able to earn a full ride to the University of California where I played two seasons. Along the way, I happened to set the school’s single-season sack record and was named a collegiate first-team All-American and first-team All Conference player.

Nobody saw this degree of success coming. In fact, heading into my senior season at Cal, I wasn’t even slated to be the starting defensive end during the first few weeks of training camp.

But this is not about my skill as a football player, nor is it about my pitiful career as a professional, which admittedly was humbled by the super-freaks of the NFL elite. This is about how I’ve used this valuable knowledge and rare education-by-fire in order to develop a unique way of analyzing talent on a football field…

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