Meet the Most Physically Gifted Prospects of the 2015 NFL Draft

When it comes to maximizing a physical advantage on the football field, it’s generally ideal to get faster, heavier and longer all at the same time. The more a draft prospect can demonstrate elite combinations of these traits, the more excited NFL teams become.

This is why scouts and personnel directors put their time and energy into the NFL Scouting Combine and the pro days that follow it.

I’ve been collecting the data and results from these events since 2012 to plug into my metric that creates a comprehensive score for each player by factoring in nearly every measured aspect of his physical traits. Over the years, I’ve amassed a significant sample size of prospects to help provide context to this ranking system. You can find a link for the full list on the last slide.

The 2015 draft class is loaded with incredible athletes at the edge-rusher position.

It’s worth mentioning that this list does not rank prospects by their overall value or projections into the NFL; this is just one aspect to their game, albeit an important aspect.

It’s time to meet the 30 most physically gifted prospects in this upcoming draft class…

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