Four-Year Measurable Rankings

This amazing tool offers a unique look at the combined physical skills of NFL prospects over the course of the last four draft classes.

To interpret the data within the measurables, use the key below.

Dynamic Speed (DSA)= The combined average times of a prospect’s 40, short shuttle and 3 cone. This allows for a better comparison of the straight ahead, lateral, and change of direction speed of a given prospect. I use this tool exclusively rather than isolate the 40-yard dash time because it’s a more accurate representation of true football speed.

Dynamic Explosion (DET)= The prospect’s combined number of bench reps, vertical jump, and broad jump. This gives a more complete gauge of the prospect’s explosive capabilities.

Dynamic Speed Average with Weight (DSA/Weight)= is based off a formula that takes into account the prospects weight and the average of all three speed times to produce a number that reflects a player’s speed relative to their weight. The goal is to put prospects of various weight groups on a level playing field when determining speed.

Though it may seem excessive or benign, a player’s hands and arms are extremely important tools on a football field and the longer and bigger they are, the better. While long arms provide valuable length, big hands allow players more strength for grabbing, blocking, catching and tackling.

Each of these elements are combined to create a complete Measurable Grade.

Orange= 2015
Purple= 2014
Blue= 2013
Grey= 2012

Note: Any data highlighted in grey is an estimate on the low end of their positional average in order to give the prospect a complete measurables score.

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